Apxic Technologies offer comprehensive services for Flutter App Development. We provide most consistent, skilled and cost-efficient services as Cross Platform Application. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology, developer can give end-users a smooth experience with flutter framework to use an application with ease. Application built with Flutter development requires single coding for both different platforms so it saves the time while development and testing.

Benefits of flutter For Mobile App Development

Complete with a rich widget, frame & tool Flutter comes with remarkable advantages allowing developers to create stunning apps in record time for iOS and Android platform.

Single Codebase

Flutter single codebase allows developers to write only single code for both iOS and Android platforms

Fast Development

Flutter’s hot reload enables you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster.

Proprietary Widgets

Flutter provides a number of widgets that help you build apps that follow Material Design.

Customized Interface

Material design and Cupertino Widgets enable to create responsive apps with an attractive and appealing user interface.

Flutter App Development Advantage

Our Flutter apps are developed by making the most of the platform’s customization abilities and the ease/uniqueness that an ‘Everything is a Widget’ framework has to offer. Mixing the capabilities of Flutter with the sensible visually appeal of Material Design, we are building digital experiences for our clients’ end users to enjoy and return to every day.

Hot Reload

Flutter instantly shows the result of your code changes on the app screen, making the app development process faster.

Expedite Development Speed

By enabling you to define both look and functionality of your app using Dart alone, Flutter keeps XML out of the picture, making the process faster.

Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter gives a new meaning to Cross-Platform Native apps with widget library made of both Material Design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple).

Dart Benefits

Flutter is based on Dart, a language that has the least learning curve. The growing Dart libraries make writing Flutter tasks a matter of few code lines.