Best C and C++ Training in Ambala

Best C and C++ Training in Ambala
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C++ training sessions offered by us will add dimensions to your career

C++ is the most powerful and flexible object-oriented programming computer language which is used for operating systems, compilers, interpreters, search engine and graphics programs. We offer this course to help students clear their C++ concepts through a combination of theory and lab practice.

Course objectives:

It covers C++ programming language and its interactions with software design. We offer this advance course with the following objectives:

  • Describes the concept of OOPS and its terminology including encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, etc.
  • Tells the advantages of C++ over C
  • Show how to declare and define classes and objects
  • Introduce the concept of constructors and destructors
  • Describes operators, their overloading, comparison, data conversion, etc.
  • Detailed theory on inheritance, polymorphism, virtual functions
  • Tells about templates, exceptions, streams and strings
  • Tells about object oriented systems development