React JS Training in Ambala

React JS Training in Ambala
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Basics of JS

  •   History of Javascript
  •   What is ES6
  •   Block scope, let & const
  •   Template literals
  •   Arrow functions
  •   Spread and Rest operators
  •   Object literal improvements
  •   Classes
  • Inheritance
  •   Static properties and methods
  • Promises
  •   Iterators and Iterables
  •   Generators
  •   Modules
  •   Set and Map


  •   What is React?
  •   Templating using JSX

Working with React Create Element, Expressions, Using logical operators, Specifying attributes, Specifying childrenComponents:

  •   Significance of component architecture
  • Types of components
  • Functional
  •   Class-based
  •   Pure
  • Component Composition

State and props

  •   What is the state and its significance
  •   Read state and set state
  •   Passing data to component using props
  •   Validating props using crop types
  •   Supplying default values to props using defaultProps

Rendering lists

  •   Using React key prop
  •   Using map function to iterate on arrays to generate elements

Event Handling in React

  •   Understanding React event system
  •   Understanding Synthetic event
  •   Passing arguments to event handlers

Working with forms

  •   Controlled components
  •   Uncontrolled components
  •   Understand the significance to defaultValue prop
  •   Using react ref prop to get access to DOM element

Routing with react router

  •   Setting up react router
  •   Understand routing in single page applications
  •   Working with BrowserRouter and HashRouter components
  •   Configuring route with Route component
  •   Using Switch component to define routing rules
  •   Making routes dynamic using route params
  •   Working with nested routes
  •   Navigating to pages using Link and NavLink component
  •   Redirect routes using RedirectComponent
  •   Using Prompt component to get the consent of the user for navigation
  •   Pathless Route to handle failed matches

Just Redux

  •   What is redux
  •   Why redux
  •   Redux principles
  •   Install and setup redux
  •   Creating actions, reducer, and store

Immutable.js for immutable datastructures

  •   What is Immutable.js?
  •   Immutable collections
  •   Lists
  •   Maps
  •   Sets

React Redux

  •   What is React Redux
  •   Why React Redux
  •   Install and setup
  •   Presentational vs Container components
  •   Understand high order component
  •   Understanding mapStateToProps and mapDispatchtToProps usage

Unit Testing in react

  •   Understand the significance of unit testing
  •   Understand unit testing jargon and tools
  •   Unit testing react components with Jest
  •   Unit testing react components with enzyme

Webpack primer

  •   What is webpack
  •   Why webpack
  •   Install and setup webpack
  •   Working with webpack configuration file
  •   Working with loaders
  •   Quick word on code splitting, lazy loading, tree shaking
  •   Setting up Hot Module Replacement

Server-side rendering with React

  •   What is server-side rendering (SSR)?
  •   Why SSR
  •   Working with renderToString and renderToStaticMarkup methods